Vacated Several Illegally Occupied Properties in North Mitrovica


The Kosovo Property Comparison and Verification Agency (the KPCVA) wishes to inform the public and the media that, following the issuance of prior notices for vacating of properties in North Mitrovica and after continuous communication with all involved parties, has confirmed today that several properties have been voluntarily vacated by illegal occupants.

Today, the Executive Director of the KPCVA, Mrs. Afërdita Beka Arifaj, conducted a field verification and confirmed the vacating of the mentioned properties, ensuring their restoration to the legitimate owners. Mrs. Beka Arifaj further assures all citizens that this action has been undertaken in accordance with the KPCVA’s mandate and the applicable legislation implemented throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

In accordance with its mandate, the KPCVA will continue to protect citizens’ property rights throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosovo and ensure the restoration of properties to their legitimate owners.

We call upon all illegal occupants of properties subject to vacation requests with the KPCVA to cooperate and vacate the properties voluntarily, thereby avoiding legal measures that may be taken in case of non-compliance with the notices.

The KPCVA wishes to thank the citizens for their cooperation and understanding throughout this important process.

For more information, please contact the Kosovo Property Comparison and Verification Agency, specifically the Information Unit.

Kosovo Property Comparison and Verification Agency